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am 02/06/2013 an 22:22
Steven (Afghanistan)
Punkte : 10/10

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am 02/06/2013 an 22:10
Hallie (Afghanistan)
Punkte : 10/10

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am 02/06/2013 an 21:45
Randell (Afghanistan)
Punkte : 10/10

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am 02/06/2013 an 21:26
Analisa (Afghanistan)
Punkte : 10/10

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am 02/06/2013 an 19:04
Erin (Afghanistan)
Punkte : 10/10

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am 02/06/2013 an 17:24
Pura (Afghanistan)
Punkte : 10/10

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What I in fact do not comprehend is that practically each person dreams about achieving success, independence, and becoming the next rich dude in town, but very few people are willing to do what it takes, getting out of their comfy zone to reach that level of achievement.

Unfortunately, most people are not open-minded since they follow 95% of what civilization do, living a ruined and typical life and the idea of making 25-50K a month appears too good to be real.

Beyond the matrix, a million dollars is a matter of time if you possess the proper mindset.

Mindset - Instinct or Self-development

The eight to five corporate America in no way sounded too exciting. I knew that a million dollars was likely to be almost not possible. I would need to work m
am 02/06/2013 an 17:08
Ivette (Afghanistan)
Punkte : 10/10

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am 02/06/2013 an 14:44
Bayan (Afghanistan)
Punkte : 10/10

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am 02/06/2013 an 13:24
Dan (Afghanistan)
Punkte : 10/10

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am 02/06/2013 an 12:23
Bettye (Afghanistan)
Punkte : 10/10

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Mitteilungen : 19551 von 19560
Seite : 1956
Anzahl Mitteilungen : 21553