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am 14/03/2013 an 02:20
Jarrett (Afghanistan)
Punkte : 10/10

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am 14/03/2013 an 02:12
Sheree (Afghanistan)
Punkte : 10/10

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am 14/03/2013 an 01:24
Luis (Afghanistan)
Punkte : 10/10

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am 14/03/2013 an 01:17
Clemencia (Afghanistan)
Punkte : 10/10

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am 14/03/2013 an 01:14
Marylyn (Afghanistan)
Punkte : 10/10

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am 14/03/2013 an 00:41
Onie (Afghanistan)
Punkte : 10/10

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am 13/03/2013 an 23:29
Cristine (Afghanistan)
Punkte : 10/10

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am 13/03/2013 an 23:22
Rolando (Afghanistan)
Punkte : 10/10

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am 13/03/2013 an 20:13
Sheree (Afghanistan)
Punkte : 10/10

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Mitteilungen : 19491 von 19500
Seite : 1950
Anzahl Mitteilungen : 20150